Top Office Functions that You Can Outsource


Top Office Functions that You Can Outsource

A company can outsource any business process, that much is true; however, you still need to determine which area of your company would benefit from going into such a venture. Here are some of the usual office functions popularly outsourced:

1. Secretarial Outsourcing

Secretarial tasks like scheduling or confirming appointments and booking travels can easily be outsourced either onsite or to an individual based on another location. With today’s advances in technology, it’s possible to employ people from virtually anywhere in the map.

2. Typing or Transcription

Clerical tasks that require conversion to written words in a particular format could be either dictated or sent through email or snail mail to an outside service. Examples of these are legal or medical notes requiring written words conversion.

3. Call Center Outsourcing

iFor a manufacturer or distributor of products that are inherently technical, there is every tendency for your customer support to encounter major issues. However, if you venture into call center outsourcing, your employees can concentrate on more critical matters of your business. Different sizes exist to fit your requirements from small enterprises located locally to huge centers beyond the oceans.

4. Sales and Marketing

Unless your employees have the required training, it’s wise to leave this area under the hands of professionals. Among the areas that you can outsource are advertising campaigns, public relations and telemarketing tasks.

5. Human Resources Outsourcing

It takes a lot of paperwork, not to mention forms, when it comes to hiring employees. Outsourcing this department can be especially beneficial.

6. Accounting or Financial Outsourcing

There are many third party vendors offering opportunities in this particular area. Leaf through your Yellow Pages and you’ll be sure to find a long list of accountants all willing and able to aid your business in preparing general billing functions, financial statements, payroll processing and special services for medical and legal billing.

7. IT Support

As one of the biggest outsourcing areas, it offers a variety of services which include the following:

    • Telecommunications
    • Desk Top Support
    • Help Desk Operations
    • Software Development
    • Network Management
    • Hardware Support

Among all outsourcing options, IT offers a particular advantage is the sense that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an all or nothing arrangement as you can outsource only in areas where your people don’t have the expertise.

8. Distribution Outsourcing

You can outsource distribution of your products to courier companies like FedEx or UPS. For this to be cost effective, you need to meet a certain volume of deliveries per month. Each need may be different from the other though so it’s advisable that you contact your local sales representative.

Lastly, you can also outsource a vast array of highly specialized functions, some of which are engineering and project management.