What are the Types of Industries that Outsource to Philippine Call Centers?

takshakgroupAmong the list of most dependable nations when it comes to call center outsourcing services, the Philippines tops the list because it provides quality service at a reasonably economical cost.

A good outsourcing partner in this industry must not only have a track record that’s been tried and tested, it should have a line-up of solid clients as well. So far, the Philippines has proven to have all these criteria, along with professionals who have the required skills to have tasks done the right way.

Depending upon company needs, a client can request for the hiring of many or few call center agents. Below is a list of types of industries that hire the services of Philippine call centers.

1. Service Industry - Currently, the industry that has made the most of outsourcing is health care. However, during the pioneering days of call center outsourcing, the most common outsourced services were actually legal tasks and accounting.

2. Telecommunication - Clients belonging to this sector often employ Filipino call center agents to attend to customer care and queries from their customers. Agents are also tasked to encourage subscribers to purchase latest units or try out new services and upgrades.

3. Consumer Goods - The existence of retail accounts are quite common in a Filipino call center, most of which are major brands. Basically, it’s the agents who attend to the entire processes. This involves receipt and processing of orders, transaction of after sales and live chat functions.

4. Finance - Companies specializing in banking, credit card and insurance are now also outsourcing collection activities to the Philippines.

For back office services, most Philippine call centers come with telemarketing, and technical support as well.