Offshore Outsourcing in the Philippines

Filipino Call Center Agents

phil outsourcingWhen we say offshore outsourcing, we mean hiring third party service providers to handle certain businesses processes of a company. More often, this involves a developed country employing the services of developing countries to handle a part of their day-to-day operations.

In the Philippine setting, the services often outsourced cover operations involving a call center. That’s mainly because apart from the good quality of services offered that come with low labor cost, Filipinos are fluent English speakers with an accent that’s really neutral,  even native English speakers find it easy to understand.

Contributing greatly to this is the fact that the language used to discuss subjects in practically all Philippine schools is English. Since the majority of the Filipinos are college graduates, the high literacy rate is inevitable.

Moreover, they are known to be really patient when handling calls from simple customer inquiries to the more complex technical support concerns. When dealing with outbound calls concerning surveys, they are known to be very cheerful as well.

Trained to uphold the known philosophy of the customer being always right, clients have commended Filipino call center agents again and again for raising the bar when it comes to reaching performance metrics and international standards.

At present though, Filipinos are not just being outsourced to handle call center operations. Realizing their adeptness in other key business areas, Westerners have employed them to work on Information Technology like software development, web development, medical transcription, legal services and just in the last few years, animation.

Apart from the above-stated scenarios, here are more reasons for the recent increase in Philippine outsourcing:

  • As the Philippines has been a Spanish and American colony, their exposure to the cultures of both countries have made Filipinos more adaptable to the Western ways compared to other fellow Asians. This kind of familiarization has done wonders in eliminating barriers of communication and in building a great working relationships.
  • Situated at a strategic business site, the Philippines is just a few hours away from big regional capitals and lies at the crossroads of businesses from both Western and Eastern countries. This makes it an important point of entry among businesses in the Asian market. Likewise, it serves as an international shipping gateway from businesses in America and Europe.
  • The government of the Philippines is bent on developing their country as one that’s IT-enabled, with the target of hailing it as one of Asia’s major IT hubs. Two of the nation’s advanced provinces, Manila and Cebu, have high tech facilities of telecommunication, adequate supply of power, security of computers and monitoring systems of buildings. Likewise, the office services and production facilities offered in special IT zones are complete.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource

Outsourcing Hiring a third party

Photo Credits from www.Businessnewsdaily.comTo outsource or not to outsource? That is the question. But before discussing that, let’s first define what is outsourcing. To put it simply, outsourcing means hiring a third party to handle a particular area of your business.

Now, there are actually many combined factors that would determine whether going for a third party to handle your company’s customer service affairs would be a wise move or not.

1. How much will you save?

Study how much your company is paying for your current customer care and compare it with how much the cost would be if you outsource. Include all possible factors involved from salary and training of employees, supply and equipment purchases, cost of payroll taxes, human resources and employee benefits.

2. How complex is your organization?

Although it’s widely known that outsourcing your customer service saves you money, this isn’t always the case. If the service you’re planning to outsource involves handling complicated technical issues, it may be better to have your own customer service so as to make sure that issues are resolved the right way. Moreover, this lessens the chances of complicating the process if you need to transfer your caller from one department to another.

3. How much time would it take to resolve issues?

How much would hiring a third party to handle your customer service issues affect your everyday operations? Who will it free up? In the end, you need to weigh not just the costs, but the benefits as well.

4. What does your customer need?

If your customers demand a service that you can’t provide with your current resources, this is one sign that hiring a third party to handle your customer service is a good move. Have you noticed that your customers call at a time when your employees are not around? Do they ask for a service that your staff doesn’t offer? With outsourcing, you can provide customer support 24/7.

So what factor applies best to you? Is it just one or more? If it turns out to be the latter, outsourcing might just be the ideal solution for you to provide excellent customer service.

Success in Business with Cebu-Based Customer Service Outsourcing Companies

Every business owner wants to achieve very specific goals after the first fiscal year. The most focused executives end up meeting their objectives by sheer will and hard work, but they also need a lot of help. When assistance comes from the right sources, then there is no reason for the company to fail. Cebu-based business process outsourcing services are currently providing high performance services that comply with international standards and ready to partner with businesses from various sectors.

Outsourcing is a means of easing the burden on customer service responsibilities. A company that opts for outsourcing customer service activities benefits in many ways. Aside from much less hassle in terms of manpower, operations, and management, there is significant cost-cutting as well when a company chooses to hire an excellent BPO service provider in Cebu.

Business performance is enhanced when the right people are focused on doing the right things. In the Philippines, Cebu is known as the hub for the best answering service solutions. When the customer feels as if he or she is treated properly, the business thrives because it gets good feedback and that is what businesses get when they partner with BPOs in Cebu. Customers these days tend to be very vocal about what they think of products and services. They also talk amongst each other and share their insights and experiences. A company that does not treat them right will definitely get negative feedback. Any company with a black mark will suffer, if not now then in the near future. Messing up once could cost a business its reputation.

The perfect set up goes something like this. Business executives work on meeting basic requirements and industry standards. In the meantime, back-office and peripheral functions are handled by third party providers that are specialists in areas such as customer service solutions. BPOs in Cebu are highly respected for their ability to ensure high performance and holistic customer service.

The two kinds of business process outsourcing

Call center services and answering services are a couple of the things a business process outsourcing (BPO) company offers. Generally, a BPO is a third-party service provider that handles ordinary, everyday tasks for another company. Outsourcing has become a common practice among companies in the United States, utilizing services like information technology and technical support, sales and telemarketing, human resources, payroll and accounting, and customer service.