Customer Service

Let us handle your retention calls. After a month or so, if you are completely satisfied with our retention skills, we will send you an invoice for around $2 per retention call. If you are not convinced that our Customer Service Reps are the best fit for your organization, simply let us know, during the first month, you pay nothing and we will stay friends.

Quality Assurance

Based on your scripting, your policies and your procedures; allow us to review your calls for compliance with your standards. Normally, we review calls during night shift. Early each morning, you will be notified of significant call handle events that deviate from your standards. Summary data and detailed reporting will also be forwarded to you each day. We will monitor, review and document our findings of a few hundred of your calls. If you like our work, we will send you an invoice for around $1.40 per recording. If you decide that our QA work is not up to your expectations, you pay nothing and we stay friends.


Allow our telephone pros to market your services. Our rates are around $7 per hour + commissions. We provide the telemarketers, the bandwidth, and the telecom. More importantly, we also provide the sales training and the “absolutely can do” attitude. Bottom line: if we cannot sell it, it can't be sold.