Continuous Training

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We believe that our competitive strength hinges upon our ability to constantly improve ourselves. How much we invest in training today, determines tomorrow’s earnings. We invest in training. If we cannot continuously train, retrain and up-train our salespeople, nothing else matters. Training is not a place for amateurs. It is not uncommon to see our company Founder conducting a “block and tackle” session, in our training facility. Continuous training is truly at the very heart of our business model.

For example, “Block and Tackle” is a sales training method that we have utilized for over 20 years. It is essentially a role play technique wherein a seasoned salesman plays the role of a difficult customer. The opponent (sales trainee) must find a way to address customer’s concerns, preserve company cash flow, while at the same time, avoiding risk. Risk associated with an unsatisfied customer must be identified and addressed during the Block and Tackle session.