On july 18, 1972, ron johnson began selling publications door-to-door in newport ‘news, virginia. From the very beginning, each day ron had a choice to make. He could make sales or he could make excuses. When doors were slammed in his face and a rude customer here and there, it certainly was tempting to make excuses.

Ron, however always found a way to keep going and a way to make sales each day, on a “no-excuse” basis. ron learned, early on, that sales is a numbers game. He knew that, on average, he would need to knock on around 60 doors, talk to around 40 people, get rejected by 39, of those 40, and finally make his one sale for the day. He knew that if he needed 2 sales, he ‘would need to knock on 80 doors. To ron, receiving rejection, even rude rejection, was all part of the game. Part of the great game of sales, that he loved playing. He could have taken the rejection personally, got frustrated, got angry, but he never did. Usually he just chuckled at it, while walking to the next house, with a spring in his step and a sparkle in his eye.


around the dinner table he would tell his children of his work, it was like story time, “after walking through the snow, i finally made a sale — it was to the same lady, on ‘walnut street that was so angry last year. . . . ”. He taught his children that “you can have whatever you want in this world, you just have to want it bad enough” and “only the man that genuinely wishes to succeed, and is willing to pay the price, through hard work, will eventually become a star salesman”.


Years later, Ron’s Two sons also began selling magazine subscription, door to door. One of the two son’s would offer magazines for sale, get an initial interest and “close the sale”. Basically one would knock on doors on one side of the street and the other would knock on doors on the opposite side of the street. then, they would exchange “leads” for the other to “close”

Increase in sales, when the guys started to sell by telephone
of all the calls were irate customers, get we never gave up


Today, the size of the company and the technologies utilized, have changed, to ab extent, never imagined, in those early days. However, the core beliefs have really not changed, at all. Core beliefs like: (hard work, positive thinking, never quitting and always striving for one more sale) are as strong today as in july 1972. CBS was incorporated in November, 2010 in The Philippines.

to provide stable, rewarding careers to loyal employees, a square deal for our clients and a fair market return to our investors.