Current Operating Expenses > Budget?

Review business value of internally developed software.Search for niche Offshore relationships for specialized tasks.Review recurring charges and payments on “auto-pay”.Stay flexible by using temporary staffing during uncertain times.Renegotiate existing leases,…

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Young stressed handsome businessman working at desk in modern office shouting at laptop screen and being angry about financial situation, jealous of rival capabilities, unable to meet client needs

Cash Flow Forecasting/Accounts Receivable Analytics

Features of 2022 emerging (invoicing to cash) solutions: Shift towards one centralized hub for all A/R data, coordinating all A/R processes in one location. Enabling real-time A/R metrics and reporting.…

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Artificial intelligence

During a vendor presentation this morning, my coworkers and I witnessed first-hand how AI can monitor and scan certain ratio correlations for illogical patterns, real time. We were amazed. Seems…